Some Instagram Food

Since obtaining an iPhone, my private photography has gotten a creative boost by joining the Instagram community. In short, Instagram is a service where people can share and view pictures. You follow people to view their photostream and people can follow you to see what images you post. Posting nice images and posting frequent updates make you gather more and more followers.
But what got me really into Instagram, is the discovery of the iPhone 4s capabilities and the various apps out there to edit your pictures right on your iPhone. Here’s some images out of my Instagram 2012-feed… (note: pictures are scaled to low resolution).

  • instagramseries-28
  • instagramseries-27
  • instagramseries-17
  • instagramseries-18
  • instagramseries-13
  • instagramseries-7
  • instagramseries-3
  • instagramseries-16
  • instagramseries-29
  • instagramseries-22
  • instagramseries-15
  • instagramseries-10
  • instagramseries-6
  • instagramseries-2
  • instagramseries-24
  • instagramseries-30
  • instagramseries-21
  • instagramseries-12
  • instagramseries-9
  • instagramseries-5
  • instagramseries-23
  • instagramseries-26
  • instagramseries-20
  • instagramseries-14
  • instagramseries-8
  • instagramseries-4
  • instagramseries-1

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