Four Students and a Classical Hasselblad

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For a newspaper series about the start of the new Utrecht University year, I pictured four newly arrived students in my hometown. The four were shot with my ‘classical’ Hasselblad with standard lens. Although I do most of my portrait work shooting my modern H5D Hasselblad, I still keep the old mechanical Hasselblad around for opportunities like this. Framing through the waistlevel finder while using the crank to arm the camera provides a thrill feeling that no other camera (brand) can do. The medium format depth of field and the classic Zeiss lens render a nice 3-D look to the scene.
Shot with Hasselblad 503CW with 80mm CFE Planar lens; CFV-39 digital back. (pictured above: Loekie)

(pictured above: Kenneth)

(pictured above: Emma)

(pictured above: Marten)

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