The Exposition (1)

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And we’re off again! This weekend I set the first steps heading for my upcoming exposition in Utrecht City Hall, displaying the full Roswell NM UFO series stretched over two floors! A great opportunity to end my 2011-2012 project and the 2012 book with a beautiful photodocumentary bang, exactly 65 years after it all happened in that remote desert.

The picture shows my attempts at setting a good sequence, considering the story, the images and a spread over the two floors in City Hall… After wise consult with my agent Carin, we think a great selection was chosen. For both people that bought the book and people that’ll see the series for the first time, we think we have made a surprising collection of photographs. Can’t wait to see it in large format printing!

(to be continued)

Erik van ‘t Woud’s ROSWELL EXPOSED | Utrecht City Hall – Summer 2012